Writing Challenge Day 15: 3 Pet Peeves

  1. PEOPLE WHO YELL AND SCREAM OVER STUPID THINGS THAT ULTIMATELY DO NOT MATTER.  If you’re ranting and raving about something, have a good reason.  Do not completely lose yourself to something as inconsequential as a fork was in the spoon holder.  (I have actually witnessed this.)
  2. GREENBRIARS.  These stupid vine weeds complete with thorns and rhizomes (think ginger root-like roots) have taken over my yard and every year it is a act of war to remove these things, manually, with a shovel.  I am thankful they do not fight back.
  3. DRIVING SHORT DISTANCES.  If it’s under a mile, I will walk. I do this all the time for errands and getting lunch at work.  Co-workers from other departments are constantly asking me if I need a ride because they saw me walk to the store, which is 1/8 of a mile away (like 700 feet!).

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