About Simonne

My name is Simonne Braden and I’m a writer from the shore of the North Carolina.

I mostly write about the weird and random thoughts that run through my head.  As an adventurist, I am always seeking out new experiences; sometimes those adventures take me across oceans, other times they’re in my own backyard. Occasionally I get myself into a disastrous scrape, but since I’ve stopped traversing old mining roads on mountains in a sedan, they haven’t been too harrowing.

I’m a Christian, but not the type you’d find typically on a Sunday morning in the southland. I believe in the mission of Jesus – which requires getting one’s hands dirty and being uncomfortable – not merely preaching a whitewashed message to the saved in nice clothes while warming pews.

I am awkward and inept at parallel parking, but that hasn’t stopped me yet. I married a really cool guy who is the best traveling companion ever.

You’ll never find my face on here.  I want my writing to speak, not my countenance.

Come along on the journey.  You never know where the next bend in the road will take you.