Christmas Eve: A Silent Night

The clock struck 12 and I was still frosting cookies this Christmas Eve. I made a huge amount of cookies for the Christmas banquet at one of the homeless shelters here in town. My only regret is that I ran out of the good made-from-scratch frosting and ended up using some old store bought frosting I had in the pantry. It didn’t taste nearly as good as what I made from scratch.

My husband was asleep upstairs, so I had myself a silent night, which is unusual for me when I’m in the kitchen. The first few verses of the song silent night were running through my head, left over from the service at church tonight. In reality, the gentle hum of the refrigerator and the purr of the fish tank pump were the melody in this silent symphony playing.

John Acuff once tweeted that we get to an age where we stop asking “What’s next?” and start asking “What is now?” I’m there. I’ve been there for awhile, despite still clinging onto the next thing.

I was hoping the next thing would be the exact opposite of silent. And yet, here I am, on Christmas Eve, with a house so silent, that it would sound the same if no one was home.

And so far, the silence continues. Perhaps for the rest of my born days. Perhaps this is just an interlude before the volume is turned way up. I can only guess; the Lord is taking care of that part. And while I have no idea what is in His will for me, I continue to trust, though blindly stumbling into the future.

And rather quickly, I might add.

Writing Challenge Day 12: 2 words/phrases that make you laugh

The first time I saw this, I promptly went into silent laugh mode. As a cat lover, with one feline who could have written this meme, it hit close to home. I love it. It brings a smile to my face every time.


The other, is compliments of our medical system. We recently switched here in America to ICD-10 (Europe had it since the 1990’s….but I digress….). This is medical speak for diagnosis codes – for not only insurance purposes, but to describe one’s condition in the most detail possible. It’s uniform so it will translate well between health care workers. They have a code. For.  Everything. And I couldn’t stop laughing at these – here are a few of my favorite ones. They are all real, I promise!

W22.01XA:  Walked into wall, initial encounter
W22.02XA:  Walked into lamppost, initial encounter
V97.33:  Sucked into jet engine
W51.XXXA:  Accidental striking against or bumped into by another person
Y93.D:  Activities involved arts and handcrafts
W22.02XD:  Spacecraft collision injuring occupant, sequela
W61.12XA:  Struck by macaw initial encounter
Z63.1:  Problems in relationship with in-laws
V91.07:  Burn due to water skis on fire

Writing Challenge Day 11: Your Current Relationship

10 years ago this month I met a man momentarily during a job interview tour. I remembered him because he was hot and had beautiful blue eyes. Nearly 2 years after that fateful encounter, we were married.

Despite the fact that I suck at long term relationships and the age gap, marriage has been very good to us. There have been a few bumps in the road, and some major potholes that keep turning up, but I’m chalking that up to life isn’t fair and we’re both deeply flawed people.

It’s to the point now where I feel bad when I’m off adventuring and he is not there by my side. I want to share all my adventures with him.

The ebb and flow of our relationship continues – 2015 has been particularly challenging for us – the treacherous waters were difficult to navigate. I’m looking forward to the new year of gently rolling waves and a more fruitfulness.