August: Exercise Everyday

As my sweet summer begins to wind down, and the scale is a few pounds heavier than it was in May, August’s theme is to exercise everyday.

While I believe the sheer amount of stress I was under this spring helped keep my waistline trim, I want to maintain the weight in a much healthier manner. I used to walk 2 miles on my lunch break, but the hot summer air has kept me from that. I sacrificed running, rock climbing, and yoga to paint the house so I would have some semblance of order in my life. With the bulk of the house preparation complete, it is time to focus on my health and keep moving forward with life.

I am still carrying the stress from earlier this year. I tend to keep all my stress in my hips, and my hip flexors are so locked now I don’t remember what unlocked felt like. The only way I know how to unlock them, outside of a chiropractic visit, is Bikram yoga. I need to get back on the mat.

There is a 20 pound kettlebell weight in my office; I don’t use it as much as I should. My arms and back are proof of this. Everyday, with the exception of something on fire, I am going to pick up the weight and do a few reps.

I’m hitting the jogging trail more often, but I walk a lot when I run, probably due to all the muscle tension. Rock climbing needs to be a priority as well.

My husband and I have 2 big hikes planned for the fall: one in the mountains and one on an island, so there is preparation involved to keep this exercise ball rolling after August fades.

I am ready to be physically healthy again.

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