Writing Challenge Day 16: Bullet Your Entire Day

  • Woke up without an alarm
  • Fed the kitties
  • Went back to bed
  • Crocheted a bit
  • Made coffee
  • Sat outside and read my devotional and drank coffee
  • Cleaned all the things
    • Table with mineral spirits due to fogging
    • Vacuumed/steam cleaned chairs
    • Cleaned bathroom
    • Straightened kitchen
    • Washed linens to be given away
  • Dehydrated bananas
  • Made marinaded chicken in a crockpot
  • Went to the beach to read/relax/swim
  • Stopped for soft serve strawberry ice cream on the way home
  • Went for a run (which, let’s be honest, was really a walk)
  • Showered
  • Ate some chicken
  • Dehydrated strawberries and pineapple (I’m going to be up till 0100….)
  • Talked to husband who is out of town
  • Poured myself a shot of pineapple rum with lime sparkling water
  • Cleaned the front closet
  • Sat down to write

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