Writing Challenge Day 11: Your Current Relationship

10 years ago this month I met a man momentarily during a job interview tour. I remembered him because he was hot and had beautiful blue eyes. Nearly 2 years after that fateful encounter, we were married.

Despite the fact that I suck at long term relationships and the age gap, marriage has been very good to us. There have been a few bumps in the road, and some major potholes that keep turning up, but I’m chalking that up to life isn’t fair and we’re both deeply flawed people.

It’s to the point now where I feel bad when I’m off adventuring and he is not there by my side. I want to share all my adventures with him.

The ebb and flow of our relationship continues – 2015 has been particularly challenging for us – the treacherous waters were difficult to navigate. I’m looking forward to the new year of gently rolling waves and a more fruitfulness.

7 thoughts on “Writing Challenge Day 11: Your Current Relationship

      1. SimonneBraden

        You have good writing form. I always tend to write conversationally, as if my reader was sitting next to me in my sitting room. It’s a good way to start if you’re struggling with a particular passage. You’re using eclipses incorrectly (….), but that could be your writing style, which is fine! That’s the beauty of writing your own: you get to make up the rules. For instance, I will unapologetically end a sentence with a preposition when the situation calls for it. 🙂 Make sure you proof read. You have some words that are stuck together.

        I am also interested in who you are. From your vernacular, you’re from the UK. Edit the “About” section to tell the reader just a bit about you, however vague you’d like it to be. Personalize your blog to make it about you and your writing.

        Happy Writing!!!

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