Writing Challenge Day 6: Someone who fascinates you and why

A lot of people fascinate me for many different reasons.  I am amazed at most people in some way, shape, or form.  But today, I want to tell you about someone who fascinates me because she is so out of my little realm: Draya Michele.

I’ve never seen any of her movies or her reality TV show.  I stumbled upon her by sheer accident when I first joined Twitter earlier this year.  Her image found its way onto my suggested feed.  While I consider myself 110% hereto, I was simply blown away by her bikini picture.  She was such a beautiful woman with an incredible (albeit surgically enhanced) body.   And so I decided to follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Girl has got some serious gumption, tackling movie rolls, tabloid stories, headlining parties in dresses I dream about, and living life.  I enjoy her “F*ck you, this is how it’s gonna be” outlook on life; perhaps because I lack that in my own.  I have no earthly clue how she looks so alluring in every picture, whether she’s got a naked face or is in full professionally applied make up.  I know because of social media I am getting an extremely filtered view of her existence.  Nonetheless, I’d love to sit with her over cocktails at a beach and talk about life.  I doubt we’d be friends because I can’t hang with that lifestyle, but I’d still love to get to know the real unfiltered Draya.

I then come to find out that she is behind the bathing suits at Mint Swim, which I drool over constantly.  The only reason I haven’t purchased a suit from Mint Swim is because of the return policy: my gorgeous pear shaped body is notorious for not playing nice with bikinis I buy online.  Also, the one I want is a bit, ah, shall we say scrimpy with the material on the rear.  As much I love my ghetto booty, I don’t think the cut is “legal” at the beach I frequent most.  I keep telling myself I’ll buy one for my text tropical vacation.  Hasn’t happened yet.

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