Writing Challenge Day 5: A Place You Would Live, But Have Never Visited.

This is an easy one: Europe. While I have travelled the Eurozone, there is still so much I have not experienced and have only scratched the surface of the lifetime total of five weeks I’ve spent there.

I’ve never been to Cornwall or Nice or anywhere in Italy and Greece; and yet, I believe I could live there with relative ease. What I love most about European lifestyles is their ability to live. They enjoy good company, good food, and have the ability to slow down and take in life, something us Americans usually skim over. Their cafes serve amazing coffee in porcelain cups, not paper. The close proximity of towns and transportation infrastructure makes having a car extraneous; walking somewhere is normal and encouraged, whereas most Americans would go off in a huff if you merely suggested they walk a half mile and not drive.

And high tea in England! How amazing would it be to stop your afternoon and sip a cup of fine tea with a small pastry creation and perhaps some conversation. That’s the stuff life is made of right there.

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