Writing Challenge Day 4: 10 Interesting Facts About Me

  1. I’m a follower of Christ; American Theology makes me gag, however.
  2. I want to write as well as Robin Masters – to have a large Hawaiian estate and employ an ex-Navy intelligence officer to do security and an ex-British Army Sergeant Major to be its caretaker.
  3. I live my life on a 24 hour clock and in Celsius.
  4. I love taking unscripted road trips, especially the haphazardly thrown together variety.
  5. I have a fondness of rum and unique cocktails tailored to the season/location/event.
  6. I am a coffee connoisseur – if you don’t grind the beans or use real creamer and sugar, I want nothing to do with it.
  7. I’m a May-Decemberist and wouldn’t have it any other way.
  8. I could eat sushi for lunch everyday.
  9. I’m a Prussian-German-Danish-French Quebecian-Lemkos mix.
  10. When I was in the 3rd grade, I set out to write the great American novel.  Spoiler alert: I never finished it.

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